Business English კურსი
ღირებულება: 460 ლარი
Business English lessons are targeted for people with office jobs. The aim of the course is to deliver intensive, dynamic, practical and skills-based training to those people who have at least intermediate level of English and want to enrich vocabulary with business related issues.
Training includes developing listening, speaking and discussion skills about different topics related to business as well as incorporates case study skills.
  • Brands;
  • Travel Discussion;
  • Management and Leadership;
  • Organization Changes;
  • Advertising Discussion;
  • Money and Bank Transfers;
  • Culture Awareness in Business;
  • Human Recourse Management.
Duration: 32 hr.
Trainer: Nino Tvalchrelidze
Trainings start: 21 April
Deadline: 19 April
Tuition fees: 460 Gel (it could be paid in two parts)
  • სავარაუდო თარიღი გასულია
  • ჩატარების ადგილი თბილისი
  • სწავლების ენა ინგლისური
  • სწავლის ფორმა დღის
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