[1-08.2019-EN] Weekly overview of educational affairs in Georgia (in English)

[1-08.2019-GE] – საგანმანათლებლო ამბების ყოველკვირეული მიმოხილვა (ქართულად)

26/07/2019 – 01/08/2019

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Preschool Education

The Tbilisi Kindergarten Management Agency is implementing a project of reinforcement and reconstruction of 9 educational institution buildings including Kindergartens #4 and #144.

A building of Kindergarten #4 is a historical heritance monument. The building’s basic part was amortized, its façade was collapsing and its staircase was damaged. Now the wrecking parts of the building are under demolition, the footing is being reinforced and the façade is under rehabilitation. As is scheduled, the works will be completed in February, 2020.

As for Kindergarten #144, the works will be completed before a new educational year starts. The kindergarten will be opened for children in October.

General Education


At the invitation of LEPL Office of Resource Officers of Educational Institutions, Mr. Tim Chepman, Chairman of the European Forum for Restorative Justice visited Tbilisi. He presented a special speech at the task meeting related to the school mediation topics.

According to a new safety regulation, LEPL Office of Resource Officers of Educational Institutions works on the mediation concept and standardized plan at schools aiming at ensuring peaceful conflict resolution and mediation in the best interests of students.

On July 26, Head of Shota Rustaveli National Science Foundation of Georgia presented a telescope and books about astronomy to the prominent pupil of Tsalenjikha Public School #2, Kaian Belkania who is interested in natural science and astronomy. The Foundation will also render help in the future to the pupil interested in science providing sectoral books and free access to the international scientific base – Elsevier.


Student mobility terms at the general educational institutions were defined for the year 2019. The mobility is allowed during the year except for the periods specified in the Order: no student mobility will be permitted from September 1 to October 1 as well as in the second semester – for the 12th grade pupils. During this period, case-by-case decisions will be made only after applying to the Ministry.


On July 28, two bronze medals were awarded to the Georgian students group that participated in the 51st International Chemistry Olympiad in Paris.

Vocational Education

Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sport announced a contest for a position of professional college directors in April, 2019; although, no results of the contest are published yet; therefore, neither former, nor new directors of the colleges are known so far.

As Mrs. Irina Tserodze, Head of Professional Development Department of the Ministry said, no specific terms for making such a decision was defined by law and as for the results, they would be published in one week.

It is interesting, how would a quality of performance of the professional colleges be affected by such a long-term uncertainty?

Higher Education


On July 25, a permanent chancellor conference was founded at Tbilisi State University. The Conference was represented solely by chancellors of the higher state educational institutions. It was noted that chancellors of any non-public higher educational institutions would also be able to participate in the Conference; otherwise, the stated principles of the Conference such as ensuring academic freedom, autonomy of the universities, sharing of the European and national humanistic traditions, integration of teaching and research, response to the current challenges etc. would be hardly followed.


On July 31, at 18:00, a Russian-language message was received on the official E-mail of Shota Rustaveli State University of Batumi about a bomb located at the University building. They immediately started investigation based on Article 323(1’) on the terrorist act threats of the Criminal Code of Georgia.

Police conducted relevant works but no bomb was found. The University continued working as usual from August 1.

At the briefing held on July 31, Mrs. Sopo Gorgodze, Head of the Exam Center stated that in the unified national exams, around 87% of entrants successfully cleared a minimum competency threshold while 13% did not, therefore they were excluded from the process.

Statistics of clearing the minimum threshold by test versions look as follows:

I version – 86,27%
II version – 87,66%
III version – 87,75%
IV version – 86,40%

The statistics prepared on the basis of results of the Georgian-language entrants.

On August 1, test results of the Georgian language and literature exam taken for the unified national exams of the year 2019 were published. Entrants can see the results on the web page as well as by SMSs.

According to the information given by the Georgian National Office of Erasmus+, results of the contest of Jean Monnet Program for the year 2019 were published.

There are 6 Georgian projects among winners:

  • NEW VISION UNIVERSITY Jean Monnet Chair in EU Law at the New Vision University, Professor Gaga Gabrichidze;
  • GEORGIAN TECHNICAL UNIVERSITY European idea and Euro integration of Georgia, Professor Emzar Pazhava;
  • CAUCASUS UNIVERSITY LTD Triangle Effect of European Studies at Schools;
  • GEORGIA’S REFORMS ASSOCIATES Georgia and the EU: 10 years of successful cooperation in the context of EaP;
  • CENTER FOR SOCIAL SCIENCES Enhancing Knowledge on Georgia’s EU Integration among Ethnic Minorities;
  • GEORGIAN INSTITUTE OF POLITICS Promote and Act for Europe;

Informal Education

The project is being implemented on the basis of International Buckswood School – Tbilisi; 750 pupils from different regions of Georgia with the best results in the national educational Olympiads take part in it.

In each stream of the science camp, the best pupils among the camp participants are selected and a part of them will go to Switzerland, CERN (the European Organization for Nuclear Research) and the other part will go to Poland, to the Copernicus Science Center while the best ones among the English language camp participants will go to the Buckswood School, GB.

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