[10-10.2019-EN] Weekly overview of educational affairs in Georgia (in English)

27/09/2019 – 03/10/2019

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Pilot edition


Preschool Education


On October 3, the presentation of the mini car city was held in Tbilisi Kindergarten N185. Road signs, traffic lights, zebra crossings were arranged in the yard of the kindergarten in the city suburbs, Little Gldani. This project aimed at raising awareness of safe traffic in minors allows children to learn the traffic rules in a fun way by playing.

At the presentation, the children of the school readiness groups presented a simulated road traffic with children’s vehicles. Scenes of use of traffic lights and pedestrian crossings were played.

General Education


Since October 1, 100 more schools have been involved in the New School Model project. At the meeting with the school principals, the Minister of Education, Science, Culture and Sport talked about the expectations regarding the schools involved in the project. These expectations imply improved learning and teaching outcomes in each school and classroom through a constructive approach to improving school culture and teaching.

The Minister did say nothing about what the project achieved in the 65 pilot schools and what the ratio between outcomes and costs was. HE confined himself with vague generalized positive phrases.

Two or three days after the meeting with the school principals, Deputy Minister of Education Irina Abuladze talks about one of the most important barriers identified in the pilot schools involved in the project. That is, “the lack of organizational unity among school staff. Lack of teamwork, successful individuals but not unions”. The study confirmed a direct link between teamwork and student outcomes at schools.

How the Georgian education system will meet these challenges and whether the New School Model will become a Georgian school model, the future shows.


Nikoloz Birkadze, a 12th grader of Vladimir Komarov’s Tbilisi Public School N199, was introduced into the Hall of Fame of the International Informatics Olympiad. This title is awarded only to two gold medalists of the International Informatics Olympiad. Along with these medals Nikoloz Birkadze has won several gold and silver medals at the Informatics and Math Olympiads.

Vocational Education


Registration of vocational entrants began on October 2 and will last until October 15. Registration can be made both electronically and onsite at vocational education institutions and educational resource centers. More than 50 private companies are involved in the implementation of work-based learning programs this year.

For the first time this year, applicants will be able to engage in dual training through successful interviews with partner private companies without professional testing.

Higher Education


According to information released on October 2, the National Center for Educational Quality Enhancement continues the process of authorizing higher education institutions with the participation of international experts. Currently, the expert group is led by international expert Helen Elise Mcvey. She is the Business Development Director of the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland.


The Parliament of Georgia is debating the draft law on the amendments to the Law on Higher Education that introduces a new concept –conditional student and related issues in the document.

The purpose of the change is to simplify enrollment procedures for higher education residents in the occupied territory.


Deputy Minister of Education, Science, Culture and Sport of Georgia Giorgi Vashakidze stated at the plenary session of the Parliament of Georgia that the admission of the secondary enrollment of students will cause many technical problems and the Ministry is not going to implement it.

Majoritarian deputies are lobbying for the secondary enrollment of 600 entrants who have passed the minimum national entrance exams but failed to get into any higher education institution.


A Tbilisi City Court has found guilty a TSU student under Article 166 of the Code of Administrative Offenses, who verbally abused a lecturer in a closed Facebook group in June 2019. The defendant will appeal this decision to a higher court. He can also apply to the Constitutional Court and claim that the article is unconstitutional, as it does not comply with the law on speech and expression.


According to the decree of the Government of Georgia, from November 24, 2019 the Abastumani Astrophysical Observatory will be separated from the Ilia State University and formed as a separate LEPL. Appropriate procedures will be performed before the due date.

Other News


The budget of 2020 was discussed at the open session of the Government of Georgia on September 30. According to the Prime Minister, education remains a priority for the Government. The Minister of Education, Science, Culture and Sport has outlined a budget for education by 2020. Under the project, the education budget will be increased by GEL 130 million and the allocated amount will be activated in three components – infrastructure projects, new textbooks and teacher;

The session discussed the increase of kindergarten teacher salaries by 100 GEL and 50% increase of salaries of college teachers.


At the Government of Georgia meeting, the Minister of Justice announced the establishment of a Referral Center for Children under 14 by 2020. “We will be able to provide a response tailored to the interests of the children who have committed a crime but are not subject to the criminal justice. This center will be tailored to the interests of the child, correction of behavior and at the same time focused on crime prevention”, – the Minister noted.


On October 1, the public attention in social networks was drawn to the “confession” of the former deputy minister of education and science and former rector of the Kutaisi Technical University Teimuraz Murghulia on one more change in the own paradigm. In the multi-point future plan following his story after the leave from the Kutaisi International University he introduced the assessments of the recent and previous political teams, which have “confused the importance of processes and progress”. According to him, he intends to work on a dream (as he describes it) project aimed at “assessing the quality of development of systems of any complexity”. One of the lines of his activities will be to ensure the mechanisms of protection of public officials against unjustified bullying and discrediting. There is another “+1 Point”, which means the successful completion of “one legal proceeding”. As for his resignation from the Kutaisi International University, Teimuraz Murghulia stated that it was his long-planned personal decision.

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დასვით კითხვა და მიიღეთ პასუხი - ედუს საცნობარო სამსახური საგანმანათლებლო ინტერნეტ-პორტალი