[5-08.2019-EN] Weekly overview of educational affairs in Georgia (in English)

23/08/2019 – 29/08/2019

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General Education


The first parts of textbooks for comprehensive secondary schools should be provided by September 14, 2019. 4,060,910 textbooks and exercise-books totaling 20,078,540 GEL have been purchased within the Program for Providing Students and Teachers with Textbooks.

In the new school year, all seventh graders will receive new approved textbooks. They will be substantially, visually and technically improved; the textbooks also meet the European standards of safety (paint, weight).


On August 27, at the meeting with the Georgian teachers,the Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sport announced the increase in teachers’ salaries.

Namely, at the beginning of October 2019 the monthly salary of all teachers who have been granted a status and have at least 15 teaching hours will be increased by 150 GEL, in particular: a senior teacher will receive 1011 GEL, a leading teacher – 1435 GEL, a mentor teacher – 1745 GEL. In the case of more teaching hours the salary will increase respectively. The salary of teachers who will have less than 15 teaching hours will increase in average of 100 GEL.

According to the Ministry, the system will have 33,000 teachers with the higher status by the fall of this year.

Appropriate budgetary changes are underway. The trend of teacher’s salary growth will continue in the future as well.


From October 2019, within the framework of the comprehensive reform of the education, salaries will increase by 20% on average for public school administration, technical staff, school physicians, inclusive education specialists. Salaries of school security officers will also increase. Their increment will be 125 GEL.

Remuneration of employees of educational resource centers will increase. The salary of the head of the resource center will be 1450 GEL; salaries of the specialists will increase by categories.


The coming academic year, the Agency for Educational and Scientific Infrastructure Development will deliver 40,000 class registers totaling 120,560 GEL to public and private schools.

All pupils of public and private schools of Georgia will receive book-markers with the information on 112, where the sanctions provided by the law for making hoax calls or calling for fun will be described as well as the expediency of making a call.

The topic of print class registers remains relevant in schools, but in parallel the focuson the advanced technologies is made.


According to the amendments to Resolution N476 of the Government of Georgia (September 14, 2015), a standard voucher corresponding to the financial rate calculated per student will be increased and it will be determined by multiplying the basic financial rate per student and the corresponding ratio.

The amount of additional funding of public school to support the learning of students with special educational needs will also change –a public school will receive an additional 600 GEL each month to support the learning of first- to sixth-graders with special educational needs.

Higher education


71 percent of the total entrants of the 2019 Uniform National Entrance Examinations have succeeded to get the minimum passing grade. The rates of those who have failed (29%) does not significantly differ from previous years.


About 3,000 entrants have appealed the 2019 National Exam results. According to the Examination Center, as a result of the re-review of the tests the scores have been changed for 648 entrants, or more than 20% of the appellants.

In the last year, more than 2,200 entrants appealed the results of the 2018 national exams, whereby the scores were increased to 20% of appellants.


The entrants anticipated eagerly the information about the state-sponsored, so-called tuition-free curricula. The document, published on the evening of August 22, did not specify the number of seats for specific curricula in specific higher schools. These number is to be determined by the higher schools themselves. Many universities have not been able to quickly determine the list of curricula and seats with free tuition. This has exacerbated expectations and tensions, as entrants were, as a rule, allowed to change their priority list of curricula until 18:00 the next day after publication of the appeal results. The Examination Center had to postpone this deadline until August 26, 18:00.


On August 27, according to the amendment to the Order N19/N of the Minister of Education and Science of Georgia “On the Approval of the Unified National Examinations Regulations and the Rule of Distribution of the State Educational Grant”of February 18, 2011, the new rules for passing the Unified Examinations for 2020 were approved.

According to the Order, it was known which and how many compulsory subjects shall be passed by entrants for the specific curricula to be enrolled in specific higher schools.


5,519 students appealed for changing the university by the fall mobility of 2019-2020 academic years, of which 4,738 were satisfied.

According to the Education Management Information System, the top five universities of mobility “addressees” are the Georgian Technical University, Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University, Georgian National University, Ilia State University and Akaki Tsereteli State University.

781 students were rejected because of non-payment (272) and insufficient scores (509).

Other news


On August 26, the Legislative Herald published the Resolution of the Government of Georgia on Establishment and Approval of Regulation of the Legal Entity of Public Law – Youth Agency, which was enacted upon its publication.

Under the Resolution, the new agency became the legal successor of the structural unit of the Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sport of Georgia – Department of Youth Policy Management and Legal Entities of Public Law – the Children and Youth Development Fund and the National Center for Children and Youth under the same Ministry, including in matters of property. The functions, powers and property of the said structures were transferred to the Youth Agency. The latter will be accountable to the Government of Georgia.

It is explained that this novelty was caused by a change made in the law of Georgia in May. In fact, the practice has not substantiated the positive results of the Ministry’s excessive consolidation. It is advisable to make analysis and calculate risks prior to the decision-making to save time or other resources, otherwise a structure faces its reorganization while it fits its role and functions.

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