[2-08.2019-EN] Weekly overview of educational affairs in Georgia (in English)

[2-08.2019-GE] – საგანმანათლებლო ამბების ყოველკვირეული მიმოხილვა (ქართულად)

02/08/2019 – 08/08/2019

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General Education


On August 2, at the governmental session, some amendments were approved for the Scheme of Professional Development and Career Advancement of Teachers; according to those amendments, with a practicing teacher (other than those of any non-Georgian language general educational institutions/sectors), who cannot get a senior teacher status till January 31, 2020, where required, a public school director will sign a term employment contract and will announce a vacancy for the said position. As a competent person is selected and appointed to this position, the contract signed with the practicing teacher will be terminated.


The Government of Georgia approved a procedure of granting monetary rewards to the pension-aged practicing teachers of public schools. Apart from thepension-age practicing teachers,those who will reach the pension age till December 31, 2019 (inclusive) will be eligible for the reward.

Those teachers who make a decision to leave (according to the data for May, a desire to get the reward was confirmed by over 5600 teachers of 1594 schools), will have a one-time monetary reward from the state as a monthly labor remuneration of practicing teachers (income tax exclusive) multiplied by 24.

The monetary reward will be given during the year 2019. Over 4 months remain till the end of the year 2019. In the context of the 200 GEL-pension and devaluated Lari, retired teachers will have to tighten even more their already tightened belts.


At the beginning of academic year, the first-graders are looking forward to receiving portable computers along with their textbooks. This tradition was endangered by a failed tender in April. Due to time deficiency, the Government permitted to the Educational and Scientific Infrastructure Development Agency to implement a simplified procurement procedure.A selected company will have to supply 42 500 laptops before September 14. These are Acer laptops with a unit price being 545 GEL and in total, 23 163 500 GEL shall be paid.


In order to recruit resource officers, a competition was announced by LEPL Office of Resource Officers of Educational Institutions. Applications will be admitted till August 10, 2019. All selected applicants will attend a 2-month training course at LEPL Academy of Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia.

For current resource officers, a special remote course was held from July 1 to August 4 and 350 active resource officers were re-trained. Till the end of the year 2021, all current (1300) resource officers will take a new module in the form of remote training courses.

Vocational Education


Investigation officers of the Ministry of Finance of Georgia revealed a case of commercial bribery and falsification and selling of false documents stipulated for in Article 221(3) and Article 362(1) of Georgian Criminal Code: a director of a professional institution, who made and sold for 950 GEL a falsified certificate of medical education was detained.

Higher Education


Primary results in all subjects of the unified national exams for the year 2019 for entrants and for the student grant contest have already been published. Claims may be lodged from August 7 to August 13, till 18:00. It is an online process that runs on the following web pages:

An entrant may appeal against both one and more than one tasks. The claims will be reviewed by an independent committee. The appellation fees will need to be paid prior to filling in a relevant application. The fee for appealing against a result of one exam is 50 GEL. When a result is changed (either increased or decreased), a participant of the exams will be fully refunded. Results of appeal will be published on the web page of the National Assessment and Examinations Center.


As part of the complex educational reform, in 2020, entrants will take a new model of the unified national exams. The new module implies a better assessment of entrants’ readiness and a decrease of 4 obligatory exams to 3:

  1. Georgian language and literature;
  2. Foreign language;

The 3rd exam will depend on programs – for technical and natural sciences, entrants will have to pass mathematics, for humanitarian sciences – they will have to pass history and depending on the program specificity, when one chooses social sciences, history or mathematics will have to be passed.

Where desired, higher educational institutions will assign the 4th exam out of the offered subjects; now, a general skills exam will be just selective.

Azerbaijani and Armenian language entrants will be admitted in compliance with the old format.

Students will be issued grants according to the results of three exams. However, if a higher educational institution claims for the fourth subject, an entrant will have one more chance of getting funding.

The future will show how will both entrants and universities adapt to the new model of unified national exams and a coach community makes no secret of its discontent due to needless subjects.


In mid-September, entrants will know what additional subjects they would pass to be admitted to a concrete educational program.


On August 8, Deputy Minister of Education stated that the committee was working on the list of the so-called free-of-charge faculties and that soon it would publish the final list. For those concerned, that list will be known until the term of making amendments to the list of their priority faculties expires.


On August 8, as the Minister said, a new model of university funding would be known in autumn. This model will be enacted from the year 2020.


In the data published by CWUR, there are both Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University and Ilia Chavchavadze Tbilisi State University ranked among the best 2000 universities out of the world’s 18 000 ones. In particular, according to the University Rankings, Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University holds 1073rd place, and Ilia State University has been ranked 1549th among the world’s 2000 universities.


LEPL Shota Rustaveli National Science Foundation of Georgia and Jülich Research Centre announced a joint grant funding competition. Electronic registration starts on September 2 and ends on October 15 (inclusive) while at the Foundation’s chancellery the registration lasts till October 16 (inclusive). The goal of the Georgian-German research-educational program is to afford an opportunity to the Georgian students to complete the studies related to their MA/doctoral works in both fundamental and applied directions, on the basis of Jülich Research Centre.

Informal Education


On August 5, a grant funding agreement was signed by and between IEC and IEC Graduates Association for funding grants for the implementation of small grant programs. The goal of the small grant funding program is to promote the IEC-supported graduates in organizing youth, social and academic educational projects as well as to further the cooperation of members thereof.

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