[4-08.2019-EN] Weekly overview of educational affairs in Georgia (in English)

16/08/2019 – 22/08/2019

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Preschool education

The tightly deadlined tender for procurement of the kindergarten food service announced by the Tbilisi City Hall appeared to be less attractive or less affordable. Only one company has bidden for one of its lots – Left Bank Kindergarten Services (with the cost of 43,265,221 GEL), while no one has bidden for Right Bank Kindergarten Services (with the cost of 17,002,058 GEL). The City Hall stated to the media that the open lot will be retendered in the nearest future.

General Education


On August 8, an amendment was made to Order N40/N “On Approval of the National Curriculum” of the Minister of Education and Science of Georgia dated 18 May 2016, according to which a school is authorized to customize the hourly schedule offered by the Ministry or to distribute the teaching hours according to its wishes and abilities; a school shall distribute the hours provided for in the school schedule primarily to senior and leading teachers who teach a concrete subject and complete their hours to the full load (15 hours), if any; it will be possible to divide classes in Georgian language, Georgian as a second language, foreign language and history, if the number of students in foreign language exceeds 20, and in the rest subjects – 25, and so on;


The first stage of the process of registering practicing teachers who have reached retirement age, who are offered monetary bonus from the state, ended on August 20. About 6000 teachers have applied at this point.


The website designated for teacher vacancies – has been updated, after which the school is obliged to publish vacancies on the portal for the transparency of the process. As of August 22, 3000 jobs have been uploaded to the website. Posting of vacancies continues. A new unit “Applicants for Teaching” has been added to the website. The teacher has the opportunity to register on this platform and select the desired school(s) in any region of Georgia.

The near future will show, if activating this page is enough to regulate the systemic shortage of staff in the educational system, especially in remote schools which are far from the capital and cities.


The Rule on Starting and Terminating Teaching was approved and published in the Legislative Herald on August 21. It applies to persons wishing to be employed at the school as teachers, including invited and/or substitute teachers, also to teachers who terminate their school activities in accordance with the law,

The rule is quite beneficial for those who start to work as a teacher. However, how this advance confidence will effect on the quality of teaching and learning will be clear after some time.


The Educational and Scientific Infrastructure Development Agency has announced a tender for the procurement of school furniture, namely 122 500 school desks for public schools of Georgia, with a total value of 8 million GEL.

The tender requires a 5-year warranty from the manufacturer. As for the delivery period, it covers 270 days after the contract is signed. During this time, school equipment should be delivered to schools gradually.


The Ministry of Education confirms that Tbilisi School N51 principal Manana Turkadze has resigned on August 22, though the reason for the decision is not known to the Ministry.

The former director does not communicate with the media. It is unknown, whether this decision is related to the affair on Khorava Street, where two pupils of the school, David Saralidze and Levan Dadunashvili, were killed.

Vocational Education


The Vocational Education Quality Assurance Service of the National Centre for Educational Quality Enhancement has been piloting the self-assessment process at the Ikarus College and Batumi Shota Rustaveli State University according to the project of new standards for vocational educational institutions.

By the end of the year, the self-assessment should be piloted in all institutions that are ready for this process. We wonder how the project would continue, if the vocational colleges appear to be not ready enough for this?


The Order of the Minister of Education, Science, Culture and Sport of Georgia on Approval of the Rules and Conditions for the Integration of the Results of the Secondary Education Stage in the Secondary Vocational Education Program, was published on 20 August. This order came into force upon publication. According to the document, vocational colleges that meet the criteria required by law and implement relevant educational programs will be able to issue a certificate equivalent to a Certificate of Complete General Secondary Education. The holder of the document will be able to continue studies at the higher education institution.

According to the order, the duration of the program, which integrates the results of secondary stage of general education, is at least 3 years.


In the fall 2019, the deadlines for taking and registering the exams in general education subject(s), general education curriculum (curricula) without attending lectures are set as follows: the date of registration for exams is from August 26 to September 2, and the date of exams – from September 4 to September 13.

Higher Education


LEPL National Centre for Educational Quality Enhancement in development of sectoral characteristics of higher education has recently made publicly available the project of sectoral characteristics in architecture, based on which the minimal competencies of the Bachelor and Master of Architecture shall be defined.


The preliminary results of the 2019 General Master’s Exam are published. The deadline for appeal is August 23.

Other News


The 2019 fall round of the State Internship Program begins. To take part in this program, an internship candidate must apply to the relevant educational institution from August 21 to September 21, 2019, and provide the written consent to participate in this round of the internship. Registration for the internship will start on October 21.
A person who is studying for the accredited bachelor’s academic program at a higher education institution of Georgia and is a student of the last term (two last terms) or a student studying for master’s, doctoral academic program having high academic performance, as well as a person who has completed a bachelor’s, master’s or doctoral degree program and no more than two years have passed after completion of the academic program, is eligible for the State Internship Program.


After a 30% increase in the fare of Rustavi-Tbilisi public transport, the Student Association of Rustavi appealed to the Rustavi City Hall to partially subsidize travel fee for students. Rustavi City Hall has dismissed the students’ request.

[4-08.2019-GE] – საგანმანათლებლო ამბების ყოველკვირეული მიმოხილვა (ქართულად)

დასვით კითხვა და მიიღეთ პასუხი - ედუს საცნობარო სამსახური საგანმანათლებლო ინტერნეტ-პორტალი