[7-09.2019-EN] Weekly overview of educational affairs in Georgia (in English)

06/09/2019 – 12/09/2019

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General Education


On September 16, the teaching and learning process in Georgian educational institutions will start again. According to the Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sport, about 700 schools have been fully and partially rehabilitated, though rehabilitation works in 20 schools have not been completed. This has resulted in delay in the start of the academic year at the schools. In exchange for missed days, in these schools the lessons will be taught on Saturdays.

The Ministry does not name these schools and notes that they themselves should inform pupils and parents. One of them is School N150 which is reported to be at the forefront of the Ministry’s large-scale education reform. It seems that this fact was not enough for the timely completion of the works.


Of the 10,000 seekers who were registered for the Teacher Qualification Exam in 2019, 74% failed. To overcome the exam barrier a seeker should get 10 credits while getting 1 credit by 20,000 practitioner teachers registered for the same exam means a chance for obtaining a senior teacher status and thus for staying in school.

The seekers called this situation unfair in the social media and asked the question: Who is required more knowledge, an experienced teacher or a job seeker? Knowledge is required of everyone who teaches or intends to teach, so the privileges here mean acting contrary to the next generation.


The registration for practitioner teachers and seekers for the subject examination as well as for testing the subject and professional competence compliance test started on September 10 and will end at 18:00 on September 17.

The test will be held in November. Examination centers will be opened in the following cities: Akhaltsikhe, Batumi, Zugdidi, Tbilisi, Telavi, Ozurgeti, Poti, Kutaisi. Applicants are also warned that they may be referred to another center.


On October 5, 2019, the International Teacher’s Day, the special jury in the National Teacher Award will nominate the Best Teacher of the Year. The jury has traditionally nominated 5 best teachers in advance: Giorgi Chauchidze, Natia Kurtanidze, Maya Menabde, Tamar Adamia and Ketevan Merebashvili. One of them will receive the title of the Best Teacher of the Year and the award of 10,000 GEL on October 5.

To increase the public involvement, the organizers of the National Teacher Award have announced that any individual or legal entity has the opportunity to contribute to the prize fund. As far as we know, this has not been banned before and the awards were given with involvement of legal entities and individuals.


The Bulgarian Development Assistance Agency, the Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sport of Georgia and the United Nations Children’s Fund have signed the agreement, which provides assistance to six day-centers, as well as support to 15 Georgian schools to return children at risk of leaving the school, to the educational system. The project involves sharing best practices and knowledge, developing relevant curricula and resources, training for teachers and educators.

Vocational Education


The new phase of the State Program for the Professional Training and Qualification Upgrading of Job Seekers has started. The program offers new opportunities to those seeking a short-term professional course. Citizens of Georgia above the age of 16 can apply to the Social Service Agency according to their residence and receive a voucher (maximum – 1000 GEL, for people with disabilities – 1500 GEL) to finance their education. Course duration is 2-4 months. The training will take place in 41 professions identified on the basis of the labor market study (tour guide, pastry cook, hotel specialist, welder, plant protection technician, bartender, web developer, kindergarten teacher …) in 24 vocational education institutions.

Registration for applicants began on September 12 and will end on September 20. The training process will start on September 25.

Higher Education


According to the statistical data of the 2019 Unified Masters Examinations results, 10,237 applicants took the Masters Exam this year, out of which 27.83% failed to gain the minimum competency.


It is still unknown which subjects the entrants will have to take at the 2020 Unified National Exams. Under the current regulations, the procedure looks like this: higher education institutions should have already uploaded the list of curricula to which they will announce admission next year in the education management data system. This list should also include the names of the subjects to be passed. Also, the education management system should have this information verified and sent to the National Examinations and Assessment Center by September 10. The Center should publish this information on its official website on September 16, 2019.

According to the new rules, the main subjects are already specified: Georgian, foreign language and math or history, according to directions. It is not clear which subjects will be added by higher education institutions, or whether they will add it or not. Entrants are expecting the important and complete information on Monday.

This information is not less important for the coaches who are out of the picture.

Informal Education


On September 6, the Legislative Herald of Georgia published the Order of the Minister of Education, Science, Culture and Sport of Georgia on Approving the Rule of Recognition of Learning Results Achieved within the Informal Teaching. This Rule establishes the procedure for recognition within the informal vocational education, other than regulated professions. The Order states that the informal education recognition process involves several stages: application submission, documentation, and evaluation, decision-making at the vocational education institution. The order describes in detail the nuances and procedure to be followed during these stages.

The introduction of informal education recognition mechanisms was named as a priority in the professional education part of the government program presented by Giorgi Gakharia to the Parliament of Georgia. It is said that the words were hardly out of his mouth when the mission was accomplished.

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